Sourcing & Procurement

Through our vast presence in Asia we understand the region and its supply capabilities very well.

Our main sourcing and procurement competence lies in these broad areas:


We select the supplier that meets your quality and cost requirements and we ensure that it stays that way:

    • We have immediate access to a vast range of proven suppliers to whom we’ve already built a relationship, evaluated their capabilities and proven their competence and quality reliability
    • Suppliers are carefully selected based on various elements, such as product quality and cost, certifications, quality control procedures, references, reputation, and adherence to international social and environmental standards.
    • Our staff is well experienced and understands and regularly reviews the cost drivers of the products as well as regional supply patterns
    • We employ our own and dedicated Quality personnel. They are part of the supplier auditing and selection process (QA) and are also present during production and before shipping (QC) to ensure your quality requirements

Please contact us. We are looking forward to identifying your suitable supplier in Asia.